* Sindy Dolls of the 1960´s *

"The Doll You Love To Dress"
From Pedigree Dolls Limited

Sindy´s first appearance 1963 with
original box, stand and booklet. ´Blonde
Sindys seems to be more rare than
"Sindy the doll you love to dress"
Sindy in Weekenders. Ref 12GSS Blonde
Made in Hong Kong for "Pedigree Dolls

Close up 1960´s Sindy Close up 1960´s Sindy

Sindy 1963, Ref 12GSS. Chestnut
hair, also a rather rare
haircolour. Dressed in Weekenders
Close up

The original Sindy Doll from 1963. She can turn her head and move her arms and
legs. She has rooted hair, painted eyelashes, stiff arms and legs and a rigid waist.

Sindy 1963 Doll Paul 1965 Doll

Sindy dressed in Undie World c 1965.

1963 Sindy dressed in Undie World 1965 1965 Paul dressed in Motor way Man 1965


Sindy dressed in Cape 1965 1963 Sindy and 1965 Paul

Sindy dressed in Country Walk jumper
and skirt.1965
Sindy dressed in Countrywalk 1965.
Note the yellow lining in the jacket.

Nice Couple in Country Walk and
Motor Way
Man from 1965.
Sindy in Sleepy-Time 1965

1963-65 Sindy dressed in Pony club 1963 Sindy Close Up

1965 Sindy with wire dressed in
Summery Days 1965. The wires makes it
easy to bend her legs and arms.
She has really beautiful, almost black hair.
Her rather soft arms, head and legs has
turned into a dark colour so she looks
fantastic to me
1965 year Sindy in parts, to show what
the wires looks like. It is risky to try to
take of the parts.
I use my hairdryer to warm up the parts
If you have to detach the parts for
some reason be sure to cover the hair
with a cloth to save itfrom the heat

1965 Sindy Doll Close Up. She is 29 cm tall

"Small sized Sindy" below, compaired to full sized Sindy

Small sized Sindy 27,5 cm tall, around 1965
She look´s
like a twin sister to my other doll
Small sized Sindy around 1965 close up

The torso is the same, it is the other parts
that is smaller, the dolls are 29 cm and
27,5 cm tall
Close up

1965 Sindy with wire

1965 Sindy with wire dressed in Leather
Looker 1965

Sindy dressed in Air Hostess Blouse and
skirt 1966
Sindy dressed in Air Hostess 1966, (Clone

1968 New Look Sindy Ice-scater in her
original outfit in which she was sold
1968 New Look Sindy Ice scater close up

1968 New Look Sindys body 1968 New Look Close up

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