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* Furniture I have made New photo in Dollhouse homemade.. 2014-09-23
* Brio Furniture updated with a blue dining table and chairs 2013-04-20
* Brio Dollhouse updated with Brio transformer 2012-12-27
Sindy Dolls of 1960´s updated with a Blonde Sindy Doll in original box 2012-12-22
New in Dollhouse/Dockskåp, "Europa" Furniture. Brio, Lundby and other dollhouse furniture "Look a likes" 121220
New in Dollhouse/Dockskåp, Bathroom = Comparing 1970´s bathrooms. Brio, Lundby, Europa furniture 121214
* Brio Dollhouse ad in black & white 2012-12-02
* Brio "Modell" Furniture Packaging In Brio Furniture 2012-12-01
* Tips in Dollhouses updated with more tips 2012-12-01
* Hawaiian Black Ginger in Ginger 2012-09-03
* Ginger dressed in "Frontier Girl, or Thanksgiving" in USA 2012-08-26
* New in Links: Shop, Antique dolls, Barbie and more, Antik & kuriosa butik "Gyllene Ängeln" 2012-07-28
* New in Sindy & Friends: In "Closet 1". "Sindy Furniture" 2012-07-21
* NEW in Barbie & Rivals. Two Licca and one Jenny Takara dolls. Sailor Moon from Bandai
* Doll Settings updated with two photos of Sindy out in the snow. 2012-02-19
* Doll Settings updated with one photo of Sindy outdoors 2012-02-09
* Doll Settings updated with four photos of Barbie outdoors and Sindy outdoors 2012-01-10


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