* My Rose House *
This pink house is designed and buildt by Lil

Rosa skåp med helglas-
dörrar har ritats, byggts
och inretts helt och hållet
av Lil. (Mig)
Dockorna, en hel del
möbler och tillbehör är
också tillverkade av Lil.
Pink house with
glass-doors is designed,
manufactured, decorated
and furnished by Lil (That´s

My house with Front glass-doors

My house with open doors

The building process

All the inner ceilings and the bathroom is
now painted

A lot of work to do

Det börjar bli klart / Almost done

The roof is made of wood and has
cartoon pieces glued on it so it looks
like a real roof
(See the Georgian

Floors, painting and wallpaper is ready

The stairs are made of wood, pins and pearls......

Familjen / The family

The dolls are made of Fimo clay, pipecleaners and steel wires.

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