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My old dolls from the 1950īs

My own old childhood Dollīs House Dolls that
I still have, from the 1950īs.

Mothers Celluloid Dollīs House Dolls that I still
have, fromthe 1940īs-50īs. Marked with turtles.

The Family in the Georgian House

English Family made of porcelain and
soft bodys. Caco dolls.
Fom Fritz Canzler GMBH Tyskland

Elderly People.
Caco Dolls

Two different kind of Porcelain dolls

Girl and a Boy with soft bodys. The
boy from No. 9 shop in Stockholms
old town. He is pictured in my "Boutique
No. 9" Video-catalogue from 1991,
with art. no. 2026.

Dollīs House Family from Indiska Companiet

Porcelain dolls from Indiska
Comp. year 2006, 15 cm tall.
The baby is 4,5 cm

Two sweet modern dolls

From No. 9 shop in Stockholms
old town. These are pictured in my
"Boutique No. 9" Video-catalogue
from 1991, with art. no. 2057.
Plastic material.

Brio Dollīs

Brio doll. Marked
BRIO 7/2.

The same.

Brio doll Marked
BRIO 7/2.

Brio doll close up.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls....

Rubber dolls from the 50īs.
The LadyīMarked ARI in a
triangle and 3275.

A blend of five old dolls
from the 1950īs.To the
Left Edi Germany, In
middle ARI Germany
1010, next ES Germany.
No marks on the
other two.

Three small dolls for
the dollīshousechilden
to play with

Rubber Children

Newer dolls from the Old
town in Stockholm. Bought
them a few years ago.
Marked with numbers.

Old rubber dolls from the
. The doll to the left
marked ARI
in a triangle and
Germany 1010.

Baby rubber dolls from

Plastic dolls

Plastic children. Marked 1985
Bully W Germany.


K.E. Mathiasen AB, Dukkehusfamilie

These dolls are often mistaken for Lundby dolls

This is small bendable dolls from
Denmark, K.E. Mathiasen AB and
Leksam AB. They were sold in almost
every toystore in Sweden for many
years. I have not seen them in the stores
where I live, for a long time. (They have
big flat hands.)

"Eurotoys DK " in Denmark sold them
online, until Christmas year 2006.
Now marked "Toy Club " K.E. Mathiasen
AB. They are much smaller than the
Lundby dolls. They do not look like
Lundby at

Bendable dolls for the
dollshouse, Mathiasen AB,
Toy Club. Sold in different
kind of small boxes.This is
one of them.

This is the Lundby family

Lundby dolls have been released in several different versions. These are my dolls.

Lundby family of the 1970īs.

The family un-dressed.

Childen in there original box. Probably from the
1970īs. My Mother had them in her home, until a
short time ago.

Lundby Family of the 1990īs. Looks
almost the same today.

The babys from 2005.

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