* Brio 1970´s Doll´s house furniture*

Brio Kitchen. "Designer unknown."
The water faucet is certainly inspired by the Arne Jacobsens design for
normal household in 1961.
The drawers in the kitchen counter seems to be inspired by P. Juel Nielsens,
drawers, a part of his bookshelf.
There is nothing written in black and white to find from Brio, about who
really designed the entire kitchen furniture.

Brio Kitchen. Dining table designed by P. Juel Nielsen. Model 7:an chairs
and stool designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Brio blue dining table and chairs.

Brio Wall Cupboard. Some of the Brio
furniture was also "sold as kits", that
children could assemble themselves.
For example these cupboards.
"Brio of Sweden".

Chest of drawers, (see the ad at the
bottom of the page).

Brio Bathroom orange with black shower nozzle and white toilet
seat and lid.

Brio Bathroom orange with white shower nozzle and white toilet
seat and lid.

Brio Bedroom furniture
Brio Bedroom furniture

Brio Livingroom furniture "London"
Brio Livingroom furniture "Moduline"

Brio. Arne Jacobsen furniture "the Swan armchair", "the Swan" sofa"
" the Egg" armchair and two tables

Brio. Arne Jacobsen "the Egg" armchair and foot stool

Brio Wall Bookcase. Designed by
P. Juel Nielsen
Brio Wall Bookcase. Designed by
P. Juel Nielsen

Brio Diningroom furniture "Djursholm"

Brio Kitchen furniture " Ewald"

Brio Cupboard

Facts about the designers of the lamps.
"Facts from":

Fog & Mørup lights in Brio miniatures

For lighting Brio turned to designs from Fog & Mørup, offering tiny versions of Jo
Hammerborg’s Orient, Zone, Saturn and Zenith pendant lamps and his Orient table
lamp and Pastel and Fuga wall lamps, along with Juel Nielsen’s Moon floor lamp
and mirrored bathroom light and Kiel Jörgensen’s kitchen light.

Standard lamp "Månen"

Brio-Lamps. "Saturn", "Zone" and "Orient" for
the ceiling and and "Orient" lamp for the table.
Brio lamps." Zenith" for the ceiling and the
Bathroom-mirror with lighting

Brio dollshouse dolls

Dollshouse dolls marked "BRIO" 7 1/2

Brio "Modell" Furniture Packaging

Brio Wall Bookcase. Design P. Juel Nielsen Brio Wall Bookcase (marks)


Brio dining table. Design P Juel Nielsen
Brio dining table (marks)

Brio "Mobilia" Furniture Packaging

Brio Lamps. "Pastell" for the wall "Pastell"wall lamps

Brio orange bathroom with white shower
nozzle and black toilet seat and lid.
Kitchen (dining) furniture "Evald"
Sitting furniture "Moduline" Sofa, armchair and table"London"
Bedroom Furniture Cardboard box backside
The side of the cardboard box Chairs "Evald"

"Moduline" side-table. Art no 38310/3
Design Gjerlöv & Lind, M.A.A.
Small round Table

Some BRIO booklet pictures from 1976

Brio Mobilia 1970´s dollshouse

A little closer look

Close up. These pictures belongs to the picture below, to find out the
names of the furniture. See the figures. (Only in Swedish)

Not a nice picture, but useful

BRIO advertising, when the house was launched in Germany in c 1971.
The description was in German, French and English. I show only the
English text.

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