Hawaiian Black Ginger Doll
1950īs -1960īs

According to Carol J. Stovers book: Cosmopolitan and other companies was using
the same mold and sold black Gingers . Other companies bought undressed
dolls from Cosmopolitan redressed them for premium and/or advertising
offers. Many of them had lesser quality. The advertising dolls in the book
do not look like this "Ginger"

This doll has exactly the same body
and head as my other dolls, but she
is not a walker
Even the little dimple under her
underlip is there.

Dimples above the toes and on
her fingers, circles on the wrist
Seam through her ear

Close up
The head is fastened in her head
with a rubberband over a pin of steel.

All Ginger dolls have these traits, regardless of eye style.

Dimple on he chin a vertical dent just below lower lip. The dent
is not so clear on vinyl dolls
Dimples on knuckles, at base of fingers and above toes
Mold seams cut through the middle of each ear.
All 5 fingers are separate with excellent details
Mold (circle) on the palms of hands at the wrist
Faint navel
The feet have toes with definite dimples above each toe
The toes are the same length.
Ginger stands with feet wide-apart
Ginger arm hook: C-hook, except for the squared-off base
Cosmopolitan did not mark the hard plastic dolls.
Vinyl heads are marked.
Ginger has a hint of waistline and hips

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