Cosmopolitan Miss Ginger 1957

The 10 1/2" tall teenage sister of the Ginger Dolls

The tallest of these dolls

Miss Ginger Walking Doll with high heels
year 1957, 26 cm tall =10 1/2". Vinyl head
and hard plastic body. She is marked
"Ginger" on the neck.
Here she is in the outfit that she was sold in.
She is the teenage sister to Little Miss
Ginger, Ginger and Baby Ginger.

Close up. She is marked "Ginger on the
These dolls vinyl head seems to be ageing
so it sinks down a bit, "and the walking
mecanism will not work if you do not pull
up the dolls head." That makes people to
believe that she is not a walking doll, but
"I have two" of these dolls that is exactly
the same. They came from different places.

This dress is marked "Fashions for Ginger".
Cosmopolitan Doll and Toy Corp. The size
of this dress is surprisingly to big for the
Ginger and Little Miss Ginger dolls. Perhaps
they made them in different sizes.
Close Up. She is marked "Ginger" on the

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