Matchbox dolls, the 1970´s Disco girls
from Lesney Products & Co LTD and

Five Miss Matchbox dolls sold by Lesney Products & Co LTD
and Hasbro, 23 cm tall. Only Tina is missing. Year 1974.

Disco Girl Tia 1974, dressed in Disco Date. She has been
sitting in my bookcase since 1970´s.

Disco Girl Dee 1974, models Boogaloo DG. 401, 1972.

Disco Girl Britt DG101,1974, dressed in Candy Floss DG. 603,
year 1974.

Disco Girl Domino DG10C, 1974, dressed in Disco Bride
DG. 150 year 1974.

Miss Matchbox Tony friend of the girls 1974


Boxed clothes

Boogaloo DG. 401, 1972.

Carnaby Cords DG. 605, 1972.

Cool Flower DG. 402, 1972.

Freak-Out DG. 601, 1972.

Rocking´ Jeans DG. 410, 1972

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