* Bild Lilli reproduction-doll *

This doll is unmarked and very well made.

Bild Lilli reproduction doll. The head, arms and legs are stringed. She is very well made.
Allmost the same as the original, but she has "not" got the screw and the plate in the
head, to hold the hair in place. The hair is rooted round the head. The head has a naked
scalp. She has holes under her feets for the dolls dollstand. I do not have any. The dolls
arms, head and legs are stringed with rubberbands. She is made of hard material all over.
It looks like the doll is hand-painted, since the paint on the body is a little rough and
uneven in some places. Weight: 70 gram with the clothes and the little dog included.

Bild Lilli reproduction face close up.

I think she looks great!

Bild Lilli reproduction face profile and body.

Dolls back.

Hole under the shoes and little uneven

Close up. It looks like the doll is handmade/painted/, since the body is a little bit rough
and the paint is uneven in some places.

Bild Lilli reproduction doll and a cute little poodle.

Lilj/ 2011-07-13
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