Some of my old Barbies and friends

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Barbie Ponytail 1960-61. Dressed in Cotton Casual 1959-62

Close up Barbie Ponytail 1960-61

Close up

Bubble Cut Titian 1961 dresset in Senior Prom
1963-64, art no 951

Bubble Cut Titian 1961 close up

Bubble Cut dressed in After Five 1962-64,
art no 1789

Fashion Queen models Black Magic 1964-65.
art no 1609

Barbie Swirl Ponytail 1964 close up dressed in
Junior Prom 1965, art no 1614

Barbie Swirl Ponytail 1964 close up

Barbie Swirl Ponytail 1964 in Junior Prom 1965

Close up Bubblecut 1962-3

Bubblecut 1962-3 models Knit Dress 1963

Close up Bubblecut 1962-3 Pink lips

Bubblecut 1962-3 models Outdoor Life 1965

Fashion Queen 1963 and Ponytail 1964

Brunette and blond Ponytails dressed in in Knit
Separates 1964 and bathsuit

Fashion Queen 1963 close up

Barbie Swirl Ponytail 1964 close up

Ken Dressed Tuxedo1961-65 and Barbie
bubblecut in Golden Glory" 1965-66

Two Fashion Queen dressed in Garden Tea
Party 1964 and Lunch Date 1964

Barbie Bubblecut doll 1962-63 close up

Ken doll 1963 close up

Skipper and Barbie Sisters dressed in Day at
the Fair and Fun at the Fair 1965-66

Crisp´n Cool 1964-65 and Dog´n Duds

Skipper in Dress Coat/Silk´n Fancy 1964-65.
Barbie in Red Flare coat 1962-65/Silk´n Flame

Fashion Editor 1965 or Club Meeting 1966-67
that did not include hat and camera

Ken doll 1962-63

Ken models Rally Days 1962-64

Ballet Class 1964-65

Skipper 1963 in Scool days 1964-65 with
Ricky 1964 dressed in Skateboard set 1966-67

Skipper doll 1963 close up

Ricky doll 1964 close up

Midge in box with booklet and stand 1963

Midge Close up

Midge 1963 dressed in On the Go 1964-65
Allan 1964 dressed in Country Clubbin´1964

Midge in Modern Art 1965, Allan in
Fraternity Sweater and t-shirt 1964

Midge 1963 close up

Allan 1964 close up

Midge in Suburban Shopper 1959-64

Midge in Theatre Date 1964, this version didn´t
include the ha

Molded Hair Midge ca 1965

Francie Straight Leg 1140, 1966-68

Francie Straight Leg close up

Skipper dressed in Chill Chasers 1966,
art no 1926

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