* Some late 1960´s and 1970´s Barbie dolls *
with bendable knees

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Barbie dressed in Dream Wrap
1969-70,"Live Action Barbie"

"Twist´n Turn model Barbie
1970" in Fun Flakes 1971-72

T & T Barbie in Fringe Benefits
1972. "Special hair Short
titanian side part" models
Evening In 1971-72

Close up pictures

And some more dolls

Ken 1965. Barbie 1970 dressed
in Suede´n Fur 1972

Quick Curl Kelly 1972

1970´s Skipper models
Platter Party 1965

Twist´n Turn Julia c 1969 in her originial outfit

Twist´n Turn Julia c 1969 in another originial outfit

Skipper 1970 close up

Francie 1969 Twist´n
Turn Short hairedversion

Close up

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