Celluloid & Turtle dolls

Some Facts about Celluloid.

Celluloid is one of the first synthetic plastics ever created. It is a plastic
created from wood products that includes cellulose nitrate and
camphor. First created in 1860-63. In the beginning it was not the
perfect plastic, since it was easy flammable and breakable. Celluloid
dolls were produced as late as 1950´s. Celluloid became the generic
name for cellulose nitrate plastics and it was used for knife handles,
washable collars and cuffs, toys, table tennis balls,
jewelry, games,
sewing equipment, false teeth, and piano keys.

The name Celluloid was often used to identify any similar plastic

Rheinische Gummi- und Celluloidfabrik, now Schildkröt, was founded in 1873
in Mannheim. The first doll made of celluloid was maufactured around 1896
Tortulon and other new plastics was also used for dolls, from 1950´s.....

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Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid-
Fabrik. Marked with a turtle 1950´s
26 cm high and 8 cm tall.

Two small Celluloid doll´s-house dolls with turtle-markes. My mother
saved them all these years.

Ursel, I think. She is marked with a
Turtle on the back and 36.

Ursel, I think 1950´s - 1960´s. 36 cm
tall. She is vey pretty..

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