This is Sindys Super Home 1983-86
from Pedigree

Note that the houses and furnitures were on the market for severel years,
so it is hard to tell the exact years

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Sindys Super Home year 1983-86
art no 4443
size: 76,5x38,5x140,5 cm

A little more furniture


Bedroom, 1970īs Bed and Bed-dressing


Bedroom left, 1970īs Chest of Drawers
art no 44515

Bedroom right, 1970īs art no 44505
Dressing Table and Stool,1970īs art no
44506 Bedside Table with battery
Lamp and Breakfast Tray

Sindy Living-room year 1986 Luxury Armchair, Cusions, one Coffetable
and a red Lamp art no 44233.
Luxury Set, Cushions, two Coffee Tables and red Coffee set art no

Sindy Living-room left, Dining Set
art no 44532

Sindy Living-room right, Wall Unit
art no 44232

Sindy bath and Kitchen year 1986

Washbasin art no 44529, Toilet
art no 44553

Cooker art 44275.

Living-room variation

Sindys Television

Sindys TV with Sindy that can move.

A little closer look at the empty House

The walls are made of very hard carton and the rest are made of plastic.

The House from the front

The backside

A glimpse of the left side

From the other side

Close up of the Bedroom

Close up of the Living room

The Bathroom and the Kitchen. The wall between
these rooms are made of cartoon.

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