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I bought the house at Toys R Us the summer 2004.

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Carton for the attic room. Marked
"ELC" and "2003 Early Learning
Centre. Swindon, Made in China.
ELC (elc.com.uk)."

Carton for the Basement

The main house carton.
Did not buy any of
these furniture. They
are quite clumsy

Tape mess

Paint mess

The summer 2004 I put the house together. Then it took a while to get some things
that was lacking. Colour,stairs and stuff.
It is a big house.
It was more work than I had expected, to paint the outside of the house. It took me
nearly 20 hours to place the covering tapes around all the windows, corners and
doors, to save the house from the white colour. It is easier to do all the work from
the begining and paint all parts before one places
them together.

I rebuilt the house, so it will fit my own taste.

New stairs and new walls. I also changed the outside small wall/door in the middle of
the kitchenpart, which were ment to be plugged into the house . I used very small
superstrong magnets, about 6 mm, to fasten the wall/door instead. Now it is very easy
take away the door and look into the whole lower section.

Wallpaper has been hanged at last and the floors are ready
And the wallpaper in one of the rooms has now been changed.

As you can see I have changed one of the wallpapers. Now the wall is light green. It was to many
flowers on the walls.

Floorwork finished with a fitted carpet in light blue grey in the upper part of the house. It looks like
Floorwork in the main house. The red and the deep-blue carpet is fitted carpets in textil.The light blue
looks like the real plastic bathroom fitted carpets

The stair railways is not finished
yet, but here is a glimpse of what
they will look.
Now the main house and the upper
part has got the
outside doors

The Chimneys

Here is a close up of the tiles that I used
for making the roof. I cut them out of
cardboard. It took several hours, it was
hard work but the result looks very nice..

Here you can see how I put the tiles together. I strongly recommend Cascol Woodglue
for the fastenening of the tiles, because it is not drying to fast. It is also a god tip to use
something heavy to press the tiles down.

Outside roof closed

Outside roof opened

Front stairs and rails. I used Stonelike Textural Acrylics colour and this was really
very fun to work with. I think it looks fantastic.

A closer look at the stonelike result

From above

Now the house is finished at last. Only
some small things inside left to do.
A glimpse from the side.

Furnished with different sizes of furniture
that goes well together
Temporary furnished with some of my
collectibles and some new things.

Some new furniture has found the way to my Georgian House.

Found very nice Kitchenfurniture that fits the kitchen. The white one with
the sink is extra nice.

Kitchen left

Kitchen right


Lundby furniture from
different years will remain
in the childrens room.
The sizes is o.k. and I like
the furniture

Lundby furniture from
different years will remain
in the teens room. The
sizes is o.k. and I like
furniture in both these

The grown ups bedroom

The bathroom need new funiture Not much has happend in the hall.

Sittingroom with TV-set

Sittingroom right with TV-set

Sittingroom left with TV-set

Finishing the staircases

Wooden peaces for the stairs

Started glueing

I completed work with a few layers of lacquer

The staircase in the Hall finished

The staircase in Sittingroom finished

The rail in the sittingroom

The rail in the livingroom

Staircase first and second floor


Livingroom left

Livingroom right.

UNDER PROGRESS I am still looking for furniture and some material.
I think it is fun to change things

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