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here is a little glimpse

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These are some of mine and my sisters dolls and dollīs house
furniture from our childhood.

All my childhoods dollīs house dolls together

Close up of my childhoods old dollīs house dolls.
The bigger doll is dressed in a dress that I made from
the same fabric and in the same model that me and
my sister had in our dresses, when I were about ten
years old. My mother saved a piece of it all these
years. She made all the dresses for us .

Close up of my old childhood dolls. I made new
clothes for them

These two are also from my childhood. Rubber-
doll marked in the back with: ar in a triangle,
and 3014 Germany, DRP a.
The baby is
Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid-
Fabrik. Marked with a turtle in a square, and
8 1/2/9 1950īs

Mother found these dolls in her home a while
ago. They look new to me so we have probably
not played with them.Cannot read the marks.
I guess they are from the 50īs

Carolines Homes Pram

This Pram is antique, with a very old doll in it

My old dolls in bed, I think it is from the 1950īs
15x8x11 cm

Rosebed from the 1950īs, 10x6x7 cm. The doll to
the left is unmarket

Small rubberdoll 5/2 cm marked in the back
with: ar in a triangle, and 1028 Germany

Blue pram and doll, E.S Western Germany
Pram white/pink from No. 9 shop i Stockholms
old town. It is pictured in my "Boutique No. 9"
Video-catalogue from 1991, with art. no. 5504.

Sewing machine. Unmarked (probably Renwal)

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